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Instructions for Participants of Online Test Series NEET PHASE II

Here is the steps to follow initially: Step1: visit Please don't visit, that is not the place for your online test. Step 2: Click on "Login" from the menu. Step 3: A student login box will appear. Fill the provided email id & password. Note: login details of will not work here. Step 4: Check your profile details e.g: Name, Address, Contact number (it should be your whatsapp number) & Password (Change it if you want to use another password password). Save these changes Step 5: Now you are ready to get started. In Dashboard you can see performance graph & available exam. Click on "Attempt Now" to start the Test. Alternatively you also Click on "My Exams" to see available exam, upcoming exams, paid exams, past exams. Please follow the instructions carefully before attempting exam. Note: Result & Performance Graph will be generated after the end of Test.